Gel Eye Gel Documentation System

Gel Eye intuitive Gel Documentation System provides light sources which can be conveniently interchanged between UV and Epi white light. Thus, wide range of fluorescence and densitometry applications may be processed through these light source excitations. Gel Eye is the perfect GDS for all research labs with professional-grade sensitivity for DNA-EtBr detection. Auto UV shut off mechanism provides safety for researchers. They can also perform gel excision by manually turned-on UV lights with protected shields. With the smart built-in GelView software, the users can capture, edit, and analyze the gel images real-time.

Gel Eye is suitable for the following applications:
EtBr, ECO Safe, SYBR Green, Midori Green, …and more.

The system is fully controlled by GelView software, following image capturing, users can immediately view and analyze their gels.

     UV applications: 

              Ethidium Bromide, ECO Safe, SYBR Green I/II, Green Fluorescent Protein, Midori Green, Midori Green Advance, …and more.


User Manual


Gel Eye Illustration & SPEC

I. Camera 
Resolution9M Pixels
Color Depth
10 Bit
Exposure Time
0.05 sec to 10 sec
II. Optics
Emission Filter
617 Band pass,
50(L) X 50.8(W) X 2(H) mm
View Area
12 cm X 16 cm
Lighting source
UVB 305 nm
III. Software
ModeCapture Image, Image Edit,
Data Analysis
Image Format
IV. System Requirements
OSWindows 7, Windows 8,
Windows XP SP3
Dimensions30 X 26 X 22.7 cm
Weight8 Kg
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Gel Eye Specifications


Gel Eye Product Features


  • Real-time GelView smart capturing software
  • Multiple protective design for auto UV shut off mechanism providing safety for users
  • Automatic detection and quantitative analysis of fluorescent
  • Easy and clear to read export analysis result
  • Low energy consumption: energy saving
  • Extra 535nm filter, witch increases image quality



Gel Eye Application

Gel Eye Application